Hearing aids are built to provide many years of useful service. However, regular exposure to a harsh environment means they will occasionally encounter problems. No matter how fastidious you are when it comes to hygiene, the ear canals inevitably attract dirt, moisture and earwax buildup – all of which can wreak havoc with the electronic components in your hearing aids.

Regular maintenance can help keep them in great working condition, but once in a while, they may need servicing or repair. ENT Specialists of Metairie can help. If you have tried the troubleshooting tips below and still can’t get your hearing aids to work properly, please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids 

If your hearing aids aren’t working properly, try the following techniques for a quick fix.

  • If there is no sound:
    • Make sure the battery is inserted correctly.
    • Replace the battery if you suspect it is dead or weak.
    • Remove excess earwax from earmold or replace wax guard.
    • Check tubing for wax buildup or moisture; clean with blower tool.
    • Make sure hearing aid isn’t accidentally set to telecoil mode.
  • If you are experiencing feedback or whistling:
    • Remove and reinsert your hearing aids.
    • Turn down the volume.
    • Make sure there is nothing blocking or covering your hearing aids.
    • Have your doctor check your ears for excess wax and remove if necessary.
  • If the sound is weak or distorted:
    • The battery may be dead or weak; replace it.
    • Open the battery compartment and clean the contacts with a dry cloth.
    • Clean the earmold or tubing with wax removal tools; replace wax guard.

What Can I Expect to Pay for a Hearing Aid Repair?

The cost of having your hearing aids repaired depends on a number of factors. We must determine the following:

  • Whether your hearing aids are under warranty (basic or extended).
  • The extent of damage.
  • The price of replacement parts.
  • Labor charges.

If your hearing aids are still under warranty and were purchased from ENT Specialists of Metairie, repair costs will be nominal or free. If the warranty has expired, we’ll need to assess the level of damage before providing you with an estimate.

Depending on the cost of repairs, you might be better off investing in a new pair of hearing aids in certain cases. If your current aids are more than five years old, consider an upgrade – technological advances mean today’s digital devices are more powerful and come packed with features for improved sound quality compared with those that are a few years older.

Likewise, if the damage is extensive or your hearing aids have already been repaired in the past, it may not be worth paying more money when you can purchase a brand new pair of hearing aids that should last you another five to seven years or longer.

The expert staff at ENT Specialists of Metairie is happy to evaluate your hearing aids and help you decide whether having them repaired makes the most financial sense. We service all makes and models and are here to provide you with assistance.

Call ENT Specialists of Metairie at (504) 889-5335 for more information or to schedule an appointment.